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Agriculture Links of Interest

Craig’s Favorite Agriculture Links

Below are selected links taken from my personal bookmarks. These links have not been reviewed. (Last updated May 17, 2012)

000 – General

100 – Agronomy

200 – Horticulture

300 – Forestry

400 – Livestock

500 – Soils

600 – Pests (Includes Insect & Bees)

700 – Ag Engineering

800 – Ag Economics

900 – Other Links 




000 – General

080 – Health & Safety

Ag Preparedness and Response UWEX.url

AgrAbility of Wisconsin.url

Agricultural Safety & Health  provided by UW Center for Agricultural Safety & Health.url

EDEN Extension Disaster Education Network.url

Pandemic Information for Wisconsin.url

086 – Farm Safety

CDC – Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention – Noise Meter Flash – NIOSH Workplace Safety and Health Topic.url


National Ed Center For Ag Safety.url

National Safety Council.url

NIOSH Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation(FACE).url

Tailgate Safety Training for Landscaping and Horticultural Services, AEX-192.url

UWCASH homepage.url

Youth Livestock Safety.url

Gutenberg free e-books.url

Ready Wisconsin.url

Scout Report Homepage.url

United Way’s First Call 2-1-1.url

100 – Agronomy

120 – Forage

Hay Prices

Hay Prices-Team Forage.url

Hay Sales-Dyersville.url


Hay_Auction_Dodge County.url

Internet Hay Exchange – Hay For Sale.url home (Cornell University).url

Idaho Forage Web Page.url

Kentucky Forage Proceedings.url

Midwest Forage Association.url

National Alfalfa Alliance.url

Ohio Forages.url

OSU Forages Team.url

Roundup Ready Alfalfa.url

Team Forage UWEX.url

U.S. Dairy Forage Research Center Main.url

University California Archive of Forage Proceedings.url

USDA Market News Feedstuff & Hay.url

UW Forage Research and Extension.url

130 – Grazing

Eat Wild.url


Grazing Menu.url

Grazing Resources & Research » Fencing, Lanes & Watering Systems.url

Grazing Resources & Research.url

UWEX Pastures and Grazing.url

» WI Grazing Networks Grazing Resources & Research.url

Agricultural Marketing Service – Home.url

AGSTATS Statictacial software program.url

Corn Decision Support Systems.url

Crop Progress Report – NASS.url

Grain Production and Management.url

National Sunflower Association Growers.url


Soybean and Small Grains.url

The Chat ‘n Chew Cafe (Purdue University).url

UW Extension Agronomy – Fond du Lac County.url

Welcome to the PLANTS National Database.url

Wisconsin Corn Agronomy.url

Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.url

200 – Horticulture

200.700 – Equipment Horticultural

Boggy Creek Pond Supply – Lakes, Ponds, and Water Gardens Supplies.url

drip irrigation.url

Garden Fountains Wall, Indoors, Outdoors.url

glacier valley

Peaceful Valley Garden Tools Organic Gardening Supplies.url

201 – Horticulture – General – University Sites

Garden Facts – Complete Set.url

Gardening Resources, Cornell University.url

Home Gardening – Cornell.url

Home Horti-Hints.url

Hort Answers – University of Illinois Extension Hort Answers.url


Kansas State Horticulture How-to Videos.url

Ohioline, Yard and Garden.url

OSU Horticulture & Crop Science in Virtual Perspective.url

The Wisconsin Master Gardener Program Volunteers in Horticulture.url

University Display Gardens – West Madison Agricultural Research Station.url

University of Illinois Extension-Urban Programs Resource Network.url

UW Urban Horticulture Website.url

Vegetables and Fruits A Guide to Heirloom Varieties and Community-Based Stewardship (Intro, vols.1-3).url

Wisconsin Horticulture UW-Extension Cooperative Extension.url

Wisconsin Master Gardener Brown Bag Program.url

Wisconsin Master Gardener Program.url

Yard and Garden News – University of Minnesota Extension.url

203 – Horticulture – General – Commercial Sites

A Guide to Lilies.url

A Useful Home Gardening Guide.url

A Way to Garden.url

All American Selections Homepage.url

American Horticultural Society.url

Cold Climate Gardening — Hardy plants for hardy souls.url

Dave’s Garden Gardening Tips, Seeds, and Design; Flower Gardens, Organic Gardening.url

Fine Gardening.url

Free Garden Journal.url

Garden Crossings Garden Blog.url

Garden Forever for Gardeners of All Ages and Abilities.url

Garden Voices.url

GardenGuides – Come Garden With Us.url

Gardening Blog.url

GardenWeb – The Internet’s Garden Community.url

Great Garden Speakers.url

Green Heron Tools Farm and Garden Tools for Women.url

Herbicides – Weed Killer & Control for Lawn & Garden Do My Own Pest Control.url

Hometown Seeds – Garden, Survival, Vegetable , Annual, Perennial, Herb and Wildflower Seeds.url


In My Kitchen Garden.url

Joe Gardener Growing a Greener World.url

Melinda Myers – Gardening Tips and More.url


National Gardening Association Gardening Resources.url

Online Garden Designs and Ideas Container Garden Design Ideas & More.url

Organic Gardening – Home Page.url

Parkway Garden Club of Tomah.url

Plant & Flower Dictionary – Botanical Information & More on

renegade gardener.url

Scotts Information Center.url

Seed Savers Exchange.url

Undercover Gardener.url

Wisconsin Retail Garden Centers Connecting Gardeners to Local Growers.url

206 – Fruits

Commercial Blueberry Production in Minnesota and Wisconsin.url

Cornell Fruit – Home page.url

FGN Fruit Growers News Online.url

Minnesota Grape Growers Association Growing Grapes and Making Wine in Cold Climates.url

Wisconsin Grape Growers Association.url

Wisconsin Winery Association – Wonderful Wisconsin Wines!.url

250 – Vegetables

American Community Gardening Association.url

American Gourd Society Home Page.url

Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes Home Page.url

The Vegetable Garden.url

VegEdge! A Vegetable IPM Resource..url

Vegetable Pathology, UW=Madison Home.url


Watch Your Garden Grow – University of Illinois Extension.url

Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association.url

273 – Lawns & Turf

grass seed, lawn seed, turfgrass seed.url

Greater Madison Healthy Lawn Team Home.url

National Turfgrass Evaluation Program – WELCOME.url

O.J. Noer Turfgrass Research and Education Facility.url

University of Wisconsin-Madison Turfgrass Science.url

Annual and Herbaceous Perennial Flower Trials U of M.url

Cold Climate Gardening — Hardy plants for hardy souls.url

Dictionary of Botanical Epithets.url

Food Processing.url

Ginseng Board of Wisconsin.url


Institutional Food Market Coaltion.url

International Clematis Society Homepage.url

Japanese Garden – Home.url


Mushroom – Field & Forest Products – Specialty Mushroom Supplies.url

National Chrysanthemum Society.url

Northern Gardening.url

Ohio State Hydroponic Crop Program.url

Organic Agricuture – Scientific Findings.url


Perennial Garden Design – University of Illinois Extension.url Homepage.url

Prairie Nursery Wildflowers & Native Grasses.url

Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series.url

Welcome to Floridata.url

Welcome to the PLANTS Database USDA PLANTS.url

Welcome to the PLANTS National Database.url

Wisconsin State Herbarium, University of Wisconsin – Madison.url

300 – Forestry

Diseases of Spruce Trees in Minnesota – University of Minnesota Extension.url

Forest & Wildlife Ecology, UW Extension.url

Forest Landowner’s Guide to Internet Resources.url

Hybrid Hazelnuts and Chestnuts – Badgersett.url

Midwest Hazelnut Development Initiative.url

National Register of Big Trees American Forests.url

National Timber Tax Website.url

Owning WI Woodlands.url

Tree Choice and Care.url

Trees Are Good.url

WDNR – State Nursery Program.url

Weeds control in Forests.url

WI Christmas Tree Producers Assoc – Home page.url

Wisconsin Arborists Association.url

Wisconsin Woodland Assistance.url

Wisconsin’s Wood Using Industry Databases.url

WMSPA – Wisconsin Maple Syrup Producers Association.url

400 – Livestock

410 – Dairy

AgSource Cooperative Services Home Page.url

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA).url

Dairy Cattle Nutrition – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

Dairy Diagnostics Tool Box U of Minn.url

Dairy IOFC Database.url

Dairy Science Department Home Page.url

Dairy Team News.url

eat wisconsin cheese – Wisconsin Cheese Information & Recipes by the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.url

eDairy Inc. Home Page.url

Grow Wisconsin Dairy Team.url

International Dairy Farm Training Program The Global Cow.url

Mark’s and Roger’s Resources about Dairy-L.url

PDPW Home Page.url

The Dairyland Initiative Welcome & Log In.url

Understanding Dairy Markets.url

UW Milk Quality Website.url


UW Milking Research and Instruction Labratory.url

UWEX Dairy Management.url

WI Dairy Goat Association Home.url

450 – Poultry

American Poultry Association.url

Extension Poultry Science at CAES UGA.url

Poultry – University of Minnesota.url

Poultry – UW-Extension.url

Poultry Production in Mississippi.url

Poultry publications, University of Missouri Extension.url

U.C. Poultry Page.url

UPA (Peacocks).url

480 – Wildlife

Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage Handbook 1994 edition.url

The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management home.url

Wisconsin Aquaculture Association, Inc. – Welcome!.url

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.url

Animak ID – WLIC Homepage.url


Animal Frontiers.url

Beef – Animal Sciences – UW-Extension.url

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease) Information USDA.url

Center for Meat Process Valdiation.url

DVAuction – Broadcasting Real-Time Auctions.url

FAPM Home.url


Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Centers – eXtension.url

Livestock Facilities – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

Livestock Marketing Information Center.url

Merck Veterinary Manual.url

NCSU An Sci Meat Goats.url

P.I.G. Pork Infor Gateway.url

Southern Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control.url

UW Extension Animal Sciences Homepage.url

UW-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine.url

WI Beef Information Center.url

WI Dairy Goat Association Home.url

Wisconsin Sheep and Goat Extension.url

Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program Cooperative Extension.url

WVDL Home.url

500 – Soils

Boggy Creek Pond Supply – Lakes, Ponds, and Water Gardens Supplies.url

Central Wisconsin Windshed Partners.url

Compost Calc – Green Mountain Technologies.url

Compost Mix Calculator.url

Discovery Farms – Home Page.url

Fertilizer Calculators.url

NRCS Soils.url

Soil & Plant Analysis Laboratory.url

Soil Fertility Iowa State.url

University of Wisconsin – Madison Department of Soil Science.url

WDNR – Drinking Water and Groundwater.url

Web Soil Survey – Home.url

Wisconsin Association of Lakes Homepage.url

600 – Pests

606 – Pesticides & Materials

Atrazine Prohibition Areas.url

C&P Press_ Free Service.url

CDMS Label – Msds Information.url

Clean Sweep Program- DATCP.url

DATCP Pesticide info.url

EXTOXNET – The EXtension TOXicology NETwork.url

Herbicides – Weed Killer & Control for Lawn & Garden Do My Own Pest Control.url

PAT Program – home.url

610 – Entomology

Biological Control A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America.url

Butterflies and Moths of North America.url

Emerald Ash Borer in Wisconsin.url

Insect degree day models Cullen Field Crop Entomology Lab.url

UCR Entomology Spiders Home Page.url

616 – Bees

Bee Lab Department of Entomology University of Minnesota.url

Wisconsin Honey Producers Home.url

640 – Weeds

NAWMA North American Weed Management Assoc.url

Weed ID – University of Wisconsin.url

Weed Identification.url

Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic.url

Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms of North Carolina.url

U of M What’s wrong with my plant.url

UW-Madison Entomology Department — Insect Diagnostic Lab Highlights.url

UW-Madison IPCM programs.url

WI-MN Alfalfa Weevil Phenology.url

Wisconsin Pest Bulletin.url

700 – Ag Engineering

760 – Power & Energy

American Transmission Company – Electric Transmission Projects.url

American Wind Energy Association.url

Bio Economy – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

biogas small scale on farm.url

EIA – Natural Gas Data, Reports, Analysis, Surveys.url

focus on energy Home.url

Midwest Renewable Energy Association.url

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Home Page.url

RENEW Wisconsin.url

U.S. DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Home Page.url

Windustry …learn how to harvest the wind.url

Wisconsin Bioenergy Information and Outreach Network.url

Wisconsin Office of Energy Independence.url

ASABE American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers.url

Biological Systems Engineering » Home.url

Fence-Building References Online.url

Idea Plans — Penn State Building plans large and small.url

Kencove Farm Fence, Inc..url

Livestock Facilities – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

Martindale’s Calculators On-Line Center Part IA-E – Agriculture Crops & Horticulture.url

megaConverter’s Home Page.url

mwps MidWest Plan Service, A Foundation of Knowledge for Agriculture.url

Sheep Building Plans — NDSU.url

Stray Voltage UW.url

800 – Ag Economics

840 Markets nMarketing

Cash Grain Prices -Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.url

Daily Dairy Report.url

Dane County Farmers’ Market.url

Futures, Options, Commodity Trading Chicago Mercantile Exchange.url

MACSAC Home -Madison CSA.url

New Farm – Organic Price Index.url

organic agriculture – MOSES.url

Organic Valley.url – Online Resource For Wisconsin Food Products & Services.url

Understanding Dairy Markets.url

850 – Ag Statistics

Agricultural Prices.url

Land Sales Summarys for Wisconsin NASS.url

NASS – National Agricultural Statistics Service.url

NASS – Wisconsin Crop Progress and Condition Report.url

NASS – Wisconsin Reports and Statistics.url

USDA Economic Research Service – Home Page.url

880 – Rural Life & Culture

Ag Preparedness & Response to Emergencies.url

Food, Farming and Community.url


Learn Spanish.url

Ready Wisconsin.url

U.S.A. Learns Spanish.url

Volunteer Wisconsin.url

Where to find pick your own farms and orchards in Wisconsin for fruit, vegetables, pumpkins and Christmas trees..url

WI Food Security Project Cty Economic Profiles.url

Wisconsin Barn Preservation Program.url

Wisconsin’s Farm Fresh Atlases.url

897 – Sustainable Agriculture & Value Added

ATTRA – National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service organic farming, sustainable ag, p.url

Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems (CIAS).url

Community and Regional Food Systems.url

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.url

Missouri Alternatives Center – AgEBB.url


Organic Agriculture – eXtension.url

Organic Valley – Organic Milk, Cheese, Butter, Eggs & More. Farmer-Owned since 1988.url

Sustainable Agriculture – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

Sustainable Connections – Think Local.url

Sustainable Farming Connection — Home.url

Value Added Farm Food Markets Wisconsin_ New Farm Options Home.url

Ag Decision Maker – Business, Economic, and Financial Solutions.url

Ag Lease 101 – Helping both land owners and land operators learn about alternative lease arrangements.url

American Farmland Trust.url

Center for Dairy Profitability.url WMMB.url

Farm Foundation Home Page http–

Farm Subsidy Database.url

Farm Succession Resources – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

FARM Team – UW-Extension.url

farmdoc Crop Insurance.url

Got Moo-la Resource Guide.url

Grow Wisconsin Dairy Team.url

Housing – Ownership and Renting Resource home.url

Local Government Center of the University of Wisconsin.url

Managing in Tough Times Network.url

Midwest Economy Wisconsin Archives.url

National Ag Risk Education Library.url

Ohio Enterprise Budgets.url

Paul mitchell-extension.htm.url

Private Landowner Network – Land conservation & tax information, resources and contacts..url

Retirement Estimator for Farm Families.url

Tax Insight LLC (Phil Harris).url

Welcome to PATS!.url

Wisconsin Circuit Court Access.url

Wisconsin School for Beginning Dairy Farmers.url

Working Lands Program Information – Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.url

900 – Other Links

Government and Related


Farm Service Agency – U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA-FSA) – Entry Page.url


THOMAS — U.S. Congress on the Internet.url

U.S. House Of Representatives – Home Page.url

Welcome to the White House.url


Community Resources Directory.url

Golden Sands RC&D Home.url

Wisconsin Association of Fairs – Home Page.url

Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection.url

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.url

Wisconsin Farm Service Agency Home WI FSA.url

Wisconsin NRCS.url


Ag News

Agri-View Madison, WI.url

Agricultural Research magazine.url

Agriculture Online Home.url

AgTalk Home.url

Cattle Today Online!.url

Country Today.url

Dairy Herd Management.url

Farm Progress America Video_Audio.url

Hay & Forage Grower.url

HOARD’S DAIRYMAN — The National Dairy Farm Magazine.url

The Progressive Dairyman.url

Welcome to

Wisconsin Agriculturalist.url

Wisconsin Farm Report with Pam Jahnke.url

Wisconsin State Farmer.url

Best Weather

Current Conditions at Mauston, Wisconsin.url

NOAA’s National Weather Service.url

Weather – Wisconsin Corn Growers Association.url

Weather Underground Mauston.url – Local Weather – Mauston, WI.url



News from Cooperative Extension UW Cooperative Extension.url

Technology Review MIT News Table of Contents.url

USA Today News.url – News & Information Homepage.url

Other Weather

Camp Douglas, Wisconsin Forecast.url

CoCoRaHS – Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network.url

Drought Monitor.url

NOAA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.url

NOAA’s National Weather Service.url

SPI Products.url

WI-AWON Data.url

WI-MN Cooperative Extension Agricultural Weather.url

WISC-TV Weather.url

Wisconsin State Climatology Office.url

WKOW 27 TV.url

WMTV – NBC15 .url

State and Local News


La Crosse Tribune – LaCrosse News Source.url


The Capital Times.url

WRJC Radio – Mauston, Juneau County, Wisconsin.url

WRJC.COM – Locals News, Sports, Informations and Bargains!.url

WSJ Home.url

Sites – Commercial, etc

Albert Lea Seed House.url


Equity Cooperative Livestock Sales Association – Livestock Listings.url

Hay & Forage Grower.url

Jung Seed Company.url

Organic Valley Farms – Organic Milk, Dairy, Natural Foods.url

Wisconsin Farm Bureau is Wisconsin’s largest family farm organziation.url

Sites – Local

(Roberts Irrigation, Co. – Plover , WI) Roberts Irrigation Company, Inc..url

Burr Oak Winery, New Lisbon, WI, Wisconsin Wine Products.url

Clarks Emu oils Emu Products and miniature horses.url

Cottage Keeper Home.url

D´ – HOME.url

Hatch Public Library Online!.url

Juneau Co., WIGenWeb.url

Juneau County Fair.url

Juneau County, WI – Economic Development.url

Juneau County, Wisconsin.url

Lowe Consulting – for Sovereign Tribal Nations.url

Mauston ReStore Homepage.url

Mrs. Yorks Cookies.url

Necedah National Wildlife Refuge.url

Necedah NWR.url

Parkway Garden Club of Tomah.url

Wisconsin pheasant hunting, Korob Acres Game Farm, trout fishing, stocked trout lake, Juneau County Fishing.url

Wisconsin River Coop.url

Wisconsin River Meats.url

WRJC.COM – Locals News, Sports, Informations and Bargains!.url

University and Related


Community of Science.url

Journal of Extension.url

PSU College of Ag Sciences.url

Sustainable Agriculture – Cooperative Extension – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

University of Minnesota Extension Service Home Page.url



Ag Preparedness and Response UWEX.url

Agriculture and Natural Resources – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension Update.url

ANRE – University of Wisconsin-Extension.url

CWAS – Central Wisconsin Agriculture Specialization.url

Extension News (UWExtensionANRE) on Twitter.url

Infusing Technology Throughout Extension Meeting Mission with Innovation.url

Instructional Communications Systems.url

Juneau County UWEX – Web Page.url

Library and Media Services.url

Media Collection – Cooperative Extension.url

Media Collection.url

News from Cooperative Extension UW Cooperative Extension.url

University of Wisconsin System _-_ Red Book_.url

UW Extension central district.url

UWEX FaceBook – University of Wisconsin-Extension, Cooperative Extension .url

UWEX Learning Store.url

UWEXT and UW-Colleages Government Relations.url


Farm and Industry Short Course.url

Rural Leadership Program UW-Extension.url

Solid Waste Alternatives Program (SWAP) Homepage.url

UW System Admin Home Page.url

Welcome to PATS!.url